doxo responds to consumer feedback with bill pay brand

Crowdsourcing has become an increasingly popular way to wade through the complaints of consumers and gain genuine feedback about any topic. Rather than feeling the clutter of the cry-outs or complaints, this provides a method for positive interaction toward an end goal. As doxo began the process for launching an online bill pay portal, founders used this method to create the perfect product for consumer use. As a result, doxo was born in 2008.

Since that initial launch, doxo has continued to crowdsource for information — for site improvements, for doxo lackings, for updates that will meet the public’s bill payment needs. This has resulted in strong communication efforts by doxo, improve customer service relations, the addition of a mobile friendly doxo version, increased mobile engagement for the 45,000-plus unique billers on the site, autopay enrollment options and vital real-time market analytics provided to billers. doxo has grown to more than 3 million users in its first decade and crowdsourcing has proven to be a valuable tool for bringing the right product, the right online portal for paying multiple bills, directly to the consumer. The brand plans to continue using this tactic in the future for further beneficial updates.

The doxo Approach Makes Bill Paying Easy, Reducing Complaints to Zero