Biller friendly service found in doxo

Seattle-based brand doxo boasts a customer-forward, efficient, simple solution to the task of bill paying. With more than three million users on its simple website in its first ten years — founding in 2008 — doxo puts the process of payment at its core. The resource extends multiple bill paying options, including credit and debit cards, in addition to an all-in-one system with tens of thousands of unique billers.

But this online payment source isn’t only for those sharing their dollars with companies. Rather, doxo has created a business friendly site as well, allowing for increased and improved communication with customers, more efficient mobile payments and real-time market analytics. Billers can experience boosts in auto-pay enrollment among other benefits as they enroll with doxo. To date, more than 45,000 unique billers have joined doxo, freeing themselves of customer complaints toward inefficient processes encountered beforehand.

The Reviews Are In: doxo Draws Plenty of Praise, Few Complaints
The doxo Approach Makes Bill Paying Easy, Reducing Complaints to Zero